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List Pads

Notepads are essential tools for anyone who needs to jot down ideas, lists, notes, or reminders on a regular basis. They are an efficient and portable way to keep track of important information and tasks. With different sizes, colors, and styles available, notepads can meet a range of needs for individuals and businesses alike. List pads, in particular, are great for organizing tasks, making grocery lists, or planning out projects. Their pre-printed sections for date, task, and notes make them ideal for keeping track of day-to-day activities. From academic to professional to personal use, notepads and list pads are a practical and convenient way to stay organized.

Notepad - Faf Pad


Color: Gold Solid Brass Bright white 60g gram paper Unique Vintage Look Pages: 170 sheets of blank paper Refillable Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm  Made in France  

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