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26 Upcoming Wedding Trends for 2023

26 Upcoming Wedding Trends for 2023

Jul 10th 2023

As wedding ring trends change, wedding planners are both excited and overwhelmed with the wedding trends for 2022. Wedding planner, Martha Benson said that wedding planners can expect many wedding trends for 2022 to be very different than wedding trends before.

"The wedding industry is continuing to grow exponentially. As more couples make their wedding special for themselves, it creates an exciting challenge for us if we want to keep up!" -Martha Benson

Here's a list of 26 upcoming wedding trends for 2023:

1.) Clamshells as wedding favors (instead of cookies)

2.) A wall-sized "guest book" where guests put signatures

3.) No cake, just fruit

4.) Wine bottles instead of single beers

5.) Personalized wine glasses

6.) A wedding milk bath

7.) A wedding milk bath where the bride and groom take a wedding milk bath together

8.) A wedding milk bath with a fruit/flavor theme (instead of traditional wedding cake)

9.) Finger foods as wedding favors

10.) Inspired by the space-age design, couples are choosing "zero gravity wedding" themes. In zero gravity ceremonies, you have multiple wedding events surrounding the couple's ceremony to keep guests entertained for several hours. Guests can be seated by their astrological signs, instead of having a seating chart. Also, there will be many activities guests can play because it is an interactive wedding theme. The wedding reception will feel like a carnival. There may even be rides! Think about creating a ring-toss wedding game. Guests would toss wedding rings at the wedding cake and whoever gets the most wedding rings on their wedding cake "wins."

11.) Couples are choosing different colors of wedding dresses for their bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girl. It's a surprise! Imagine if your maid of honor wore purple and the rest of the wedding party wore yellow! Or orange for the bride with pink as her bridesmaids with green as her groomsmen.

12.) A wedding wall calendar where you put months up that match your wedding date instead of a traditional guest book

13.) A couple getting married on top of a mountain invites all their adventurous friends to hike behind them as they say their vows. The wedding reception will be held at the top of the mountain, with wedding chairs and wedding torches.

14.) A wedding selfie booth where guests can take wedding selfies and save them on a live wedding feed for guests to see the pictures as they come in. Guests can also vote on their favorite wedding selfie-and whoever gets the most votes "wins" a prize!

15.) Instead of having groomsmen, there would be bridge guardians (bridesmaids + guardians)

16.) Everything is personalized - even your wig or headpiece if you're bald

17.) Wedding outfits that match your wedding date (for example April 4th - red dress; May 16th - blue outfit; June 8th - white dress...etc)

18.) For wedding favors, wedding planners are encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to wedding favors. Forget wedding bells or wedding candles! Think wedding topiaries; wedding opera glasses; wedding lip balm; wedding solar system kits....etc

19.) Wedding rings in shapes of constellations (if couples can't afford wedding rings in expensive metals like platinum)

20.) Flowers in every shape and color imaginable as a wedding guest - flowers for days!

21.) Everything is "all you can eat" - a whole buffet full of food

22.) Lingerie as a wedding outfit

23.) Inspired by Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, bridesmaids wear white robes and follow the bride down an aisle with ghostly wedding bells. If the wedding is in the winter, wedding bells are replaced with wedding icicles

24.) A wedding lightsaber fight for an entrance!

25.) The wedding dress has built-in ice skates for a "figure skating" wedding theme where everyone wears ice skates on the dance floor and twirls and spins around (like couples having their first dance at prom)

26.) All bridesmaids wear masks to hide their faces until it's time for them to reveal themselves - like Mardi Gras or Venetian Carnival! Mask also make great wedding favors.

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