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Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

Oct 13th 2022

Are you looking for nontraditional wedding ideas? Not every couple wants a traditional wedding. The good news is that modern and unique weddings are completely acceptable today, and there are many ways to have a nontraditional wedding. Keep reading for ideas on how to have your own modern and beautiful wedding!

The Venue

Choose a place other than a Church to get married and a hall for the reception. There are tons of unique places you can get married or have a reception. Some of these choices include a family member's backyard, a garden, a winery, and a bed and breakfast. You can also choose places to celebrate a couple's hobbies or great loves. For instance, did you know that there are several locations at Disney where you can have a ceremony or reception? If you have a great idea, look into it to see how it can happen!

Change The Wedding Apparel

Hate the idea of a white dress or a black tuxedo? Then don't wear them. This is your wedding, wear what you want. Colored dresses, short dresses, suits, and slacks are all types of clothing couples choose to wear. You can change the dress code for your guests too!

Unique Food Choices

Most weddings have a dinner which is either a sit-down dinner or a buffet. Food is one of the places that a good portion of the wedding budget is spent. Food is also something that brings a lot of family and friends together.

When planning a wedding, many people feel like they have to stick to the tradition – a dinner menu with meat, potato, veggie, starch, and a roll, followed by wedding cake. Although there is nothing wrong with this menu, you certainly do not have to stick to it. Here are some ways to upgrade the food you choose to serve or to do something completely different!

  • Get married at a different time and serve a different meal – Breakfast, Brunch, or Lunch.
  • Have a late-night wedding and only serve snacks, finger foods, and a dessert bar.
  • Skip catering and have a potluck or a wedding dinner made by several family members.
  • Have a wedding BBQ.
  • Hire a Food Truck.
  • Have an extensive dessert table.
  • Set up fun food stations like a candy station, a cotton candy station, a hot dog station, or an omelet bar.

Rethink Traditional Roles

Most weddings have specific traditional roles. Here are a few you might see at most weddings:

  • Father of The Bride – Gives Away The Bride
  • Bridal Party – Consists of the same sex, same age, typically unmarried people of the same gender
  • Young Female Child – Flower Girl
  • Young Male Child – Ring Bearer

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Those are some basic people you see at each wedding. If you feel strongly about using those traditional roles, do it, it is your wedding. But there is no rule. You have to do this! Here are some other ideas:

  • Have the mother, both parents, or multiple father figures (like father and stepfather) give the bride away.
  • Instead of giving the bride away, create a ceremony for the bride's family to accept the husband.
  • Instead of children in the wedding party, use grandparents, great-grandparents, or even people in the bridal party (there have been a ton of hilarious videos of the best man acting as the "Flowergirl").
  • Use a bridal party made of who you are closest to, not because they are the right gender or age group.

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Bottom Line

There are so many different ways that you can have a unique wedding. Use the nontraditional wedding ideas you read about in this article or develop your own. Remember, it is your wedding and should be everything you have dreamed of!

Image by Olessya from Pixabay

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