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6 Wedding Bouquet Trends

6 Wedding Bouquet Trends

Nov 3rd 2022

There are many different ways to choose a wedding bouquet. Are you considering different wedding bouquet trends to pick the right bouquet for your wedding? Keep reading to find out what bridal bouquet you should walk down the aisle with!

Wedding Colors

The way that most people choose their wedding bouquet is based on their wedding colors. If you have always pictured yourself with a specific bouquet, you might want to design your wedding colors around this bouquet. However, using your wedding colors is a traditional method. Other ways to choose your bridal bouquet include following some of these wedding bouquet trends.

Colorful and Vibrant

Colorful and Vibrant. Some brides want their bouquet to really stand out against their dress. A colorful and vibrant bouquet is a very trendy choice. These bouquets will have at least two to three bright colors: pink, bright or dark blue, fiery orange, purple or bright green.

UMonofloral Bouquets

A Monofloral bouquet is a bouquet that uses a variety of flowers, but all the blooms are different shades of the same color. For instance, if you choose to use a pink monofloral bouquet, your flowers could include dark pink calla lilies, bright pink carnations, pale pink cherry blossoms, dahlias, hibiscus flowers, orchids, peonies, tulips, and of course, pink roses in a variety of shades.

Cascading Bouquets

The cascading bouquet is always a popular choice. A cascading bridal bouquet is simply an arrangement of flowers that starts large at the top and narrows or cascades to the bottom of the bouquet. This will create a natural cascading or trailing effect from the bride's hands. It is a dramatic bridal bouquet that has been back in style for several decades since 1981, and Princess Diana carried one at her wedding. Other famous people who choose this style include Diana Ross and Country singer Kacey Musgraves.

Pastels For Spring

If you are getting married in the Springtime, pastels are a fabulous choice for your bridal bouquet. Pastels can be a great look as the season's turns; it is a beautiful way to celebrate new beginnings – tying together spring planting, spring colors, and the new beginning that marriage can bring to a couple. There are many different ways to go with this type of bridal bouquet. You can choose to go with all pastels, pastels mixed with traditional colors, or one pastel color only. Here are some ideas of the flowers to use:

  • Pastel Pink: azaleas, roses, Mandevilla, phlox, lilac, cherry blossoms, and carnations.
  • Pastel Blue: Blue orchid, Himalayan blue poppy, longwort, mountain larkspur, blue daisy, ipomoea flower, and carnations.
  • Pastel Green: hellebores, chrysanthemum, cymbidium orchid, day lily, zinna, hydrangea, dahlia, scabiosa, carnations and roses.
  • Pastel Yellow: petunia, calibrachoa, sunflowers, begonia, strawflower, daisy, black-eyed Susan, creeping zinnia, nemesia, canna lily, yarrow, roses, and carnations.
  • Muted and Dark Colors For Fall and Winter:

    Our final wedding bouquet trends is for couples getting married after the summer ends. If you are getting married in the Fall or Winter months, you may want to choose dark or muted colors to create a gorgeous and seasonal-themed bridal bouquet. You can match different holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's) or correspond to a specific theme like rustic, country, or festive. Plenty of blooms are in season in the fall and winter, as well as multiple popular flowers that are in season all year long.

Image by Igor Link from Pixabay
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