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Add Color and Flair To Your Floral Wedding Invitations

Add Color and Flair To Your Floral Wedding Invitations

May 28th 2023

It may be hard to find unique styles when shopping for floral wedding invitations. It is possible to add color and flair to your wedding stationery while staying in the elegant wedding invitations category. Floral can seem overdone. Everyone has floral elements? So how do you choose luxury wedding invitations that are also fresh and unique?

Be Bold

When shopping for thermography wedding invitations, people often choose small floral accents. There could be small in size or be a border but have muted colors or a completely traditional look.

Traditional has its place, but is that place your wedding? Adding floral elements is already a conventional or standard style, so why not add some modern and whimsical fun?

Be bold with color choices. Add big flowers and unexpected colors. Here are a couple of examples you would love!

Brittany Wedding Invitations : These invitations are modern all around. They have big peach and white blooms in the top left and bottom right of the invitation. The mixing of script and print fonts also gives a modern feel.

Frida Wedding Invitations : Frida offers a pink rose with greenery right in the middle of the wedding invitation. The names are printed on the sides of the invitation in a bold and original style not often seen.

Ariana Wedding Invitations : The Ariana has flowers that take up almost the entire invitation – you can not get much bolder than this!

Embrace The Geometric Movement

Suppose you want luxury elegant wedding invitations that reflect the time period you marry. In that case, you should consider invitations with geometric elements. Geometric wedding invitations are typically floral, but they use geometric shapes or borders to add an extra level of contemporary flair. Here are a few examples.

Mary Wedding Invitations : If you like the idea but do not want to be too modern, this is the one. It has a white rectangle in the center to make the invitation information stand out. Behind this rectangle is bold and pretty hot pink flowers.

Briana Wedding Invitations : This is the more common choice – with a hexagram bordering the invitation type. There are deep purple flowers at the top right and bottom left of the hexagram for this wedding invitation.

Danielle Wedding Invitations : The Danielle has several overlapping diamonds on it. There are also pink roses scattered throughout the invitation.

Choose Watercolor Designs

Finally, another great way to be bold and modern with your floral wedding invitations is to choose watercolor designs. Watercolor wedding invitations have bold flowers in soft tones, marrying romanticism and contemporary trends in one piece of stationery. Here are a few we love!

Darling Elizabeth Wedding Invitations : This design combines geometric and watercolor. The central part of the invitation is a large vertical rectangle with large pink and purple flowers behind the rectangle and a lot of greenery!

Melanie Wedding Invitations : This is also the marriage of geometric and watercolors. In this case, almost the whole background of the invitation features flowers and leaves. The colors of the floral accents are yellow gold, pink, purple, and aqua blue.

Stacy Wedding Invitations : The Stacy wedding invitation has a three-sided border made only of flowers and greenery. The majority of these floral accents are green and white. However, there are several instances of orange to brighten up the overall look and feel of this modern wedding invitation.

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Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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