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Choose Square Wedding Invitations

Choose Square Wedding Invitations

Jan 4th 2023

Choose Square Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for luxury wedding invitations but want something a little bit different? Have you considered square wedding invitations? Most wedding invitations are vertical rectangle invitations, but square invitations provide a modern and elegant look that your guests have not seen over and over before. Be different. Be square.

Different Styles

There are many luxury elegant wedding invitations to choose from that are square in shape. You can get invitations that are classes black and white to have bold colors and ribbons or are floral in nature.

Different Colors

When shopping for square wedding invitations, you can shop for different colors. Some popular colors of these elegant wedding invitations include white, black, red, off-white, beige, gray, dark green, and light green.

Different Script Types

Another thing you can look for is different script and font types. You can choose a wedding invitation with a more modern font, or your can shop for elegant script wedding invitations.

Some of Our Favorite Square Wedding Invitations

Even though we love all of our square wedding invitations, there are a few that we love so much. We think you will love these too!

  • Garden Square Wedding Invitations: These thermography wedding invitations have a beautiful, elegant, modern floral border. The border includes muted, understated colored flowers of pale pink and soft blue. There is also just the right amount of greenery.
  • Rina Square Wedding Invitations: The Rina invitation is a black wedding invitation with gold lettering. The gold and black color combination really pops. It is a beautiful and elegant wedding invitation that will really work for all types of weddings – traditional, modern, elegant, and upscale. It is a lovely option.
  • Maria Calligraphy Wedding Invitation: This is a triple-layered wedding invitation, which creates a double border of black on the outside and gold on the inside. The bottom layer is black, the middle layer is gold, and the top layer (where the text goes) is white. The font is a beautiful calligraphy font that works for a traditional or upscale wedding.
  • New Standard Square Ribbon Wedding Invitation: This wedding invitation perfectly balances black and white. It is a white square invitation with a black script font. It also has a ribbon that is half black and half white. If you have a black-and-white color scheme, this is your wedding invitation.
  • Hayden Square Wedding Invitation: Another lovely black-and-white choice is the Hayden Invitation. This is a simple white square wedding invitation with a black script font. This is an excellent choice if you want something classic or traditional.
  • Ana Square Wedding Invitations: Finally, we have the Ana. This is a white wedding invitation with a black line foliage design encompassing the black text. The text is a mix of modern print and script for the names.

Work With Us

If you are shopping for invitations or stationery stores near me, we can help. We have a Florida store and sell wedding invitations and other stationery on our website. However, we have additional opportunities for you if you are a blogger, influencer, store owner, or wedding planner. We offer wholesale wedding invitations and wedding affiliate programs!

Image by Miki from Pixabay

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