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Glitter Thermography Wedding Invitations

Glitter Thermography Wedding Invitations

Jan 12th 2023

Glitter Thermography Wedding Invitations – Seamlessly Bridging Modern and Traditional Design Elements Together

Do you need help choosing between a traditional and modern wedding invitation? Luxury wedding invitations come in many different styles and colors, which can sometimes make selecting the perfect one challenging. Glitter thermography wedding invitations allow the best of both worlds!

Thermography wedding invitations are a traditional form of wedding invitations allowing you to choose at least one traditional element for your wedding stationery. Thermography printing has been around since the early 1900s, making it a classic choice. This type of printing uses heat to raise the letters on the page or cardstock. Wedding stationery creates a sophisticated and refined look and feel that couples love.

When you want luxury wedding invitations, thermography is an excellent choice. It looks and feels elegant and upscale. However, you can add a touch of modern elegance by adding glitter printing. Once you combine thermography and glitter, you have already combined traditional and contemporary. Now, you can decide if you want the rest of the invitation to feel more traditional or modern.

Traditional Elegant Wedding Invitations

Many couples buy traditional elegant wedding invitations, allowing the glitter print to be the only real connection to modern stationery. If you prefer this route, here are a few wedding invitations to consider.

Anabel Black Wedding Invitation: This wedding invitation has 3 layers. It is a white wedding invitation with a thin inner border of gold and a thicker black outer edge. These are traditional colors for wedding stationery. It is also a monogram wedding invitation with the monogram at the top of the invite. It uses a mix of printed text and script.

Hayden Wedding Invitation: The Hayden wedding invitation is a white square with script lettering for the couple's names, wedding locations, and reception information.

Melissa Wedding Invitation: The Melissa is a traditional white vertical rectangular wedding invitation. It has a black script, print text, and two thin-line silver borders. This gives this stationary a 3D appearance.

Modern Elegant Wedding Invitations

If you instead embrace modern themes and elements, you might choose the only traditional aspect of the printing method. Here are some modern elegant wedding invitations you will love.

Anjeline Square Wedding Invitation: The Anjeline square wedding invitation is in a light gray color instead of the traditional blacks and whites. It is also a minimalist design and uses bold fonts to create a statement.

Heather Wedding Invitation: The Heather wedding invitation has a pale green border and some greenery in the same color. This is a modern invitation with the text on the right side.

Addison Wedding Invitation: This wedding invitation uses white and shades of gray to create a beautiful floral and greenery scene. It is a lovely invitation for anytime, including Spring, Summer, or fall.

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Although many people are comfortable with shopping online, if you are searching for stationery stores near me and live near Hobe Sound, Florida, you can visit our store. If not, you can shop online and still buy all of our products, as well as working with a designer one-on-one to ensure you get the wedding invitation of your dreams!

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