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Green and White Wedding Invitations

Green and White Wedding Invitations

May 28th 2023

If green and white are your wedding color scheme, you will want to also get your wedding stationery in the same color palette. This color scheme has plenty of luxury wedding invitations to choose from! Whether you are looking for wholesale wedding invitations or luxury elegant wedding invitations, The Leslie Store has what you are looking for!

Let's Talk about a few of our favorite green and white thermography wedding invitations and stationery!

The Heather Pale Green Wedding Invitations

Suppose you are looking for elegant wedding invitations within your color palette. In that case, the  Heather Pale Green Wedding Invitations are an excellent choice. This is a layered wedding invitation with a base of pale green and a top layer of crisp white. The greenery aspects of this stationery make it fit into the category of simple and elegant wedding invitations.

Charlotte Wedding Invitations

If you want a more whimsical and bold choice, check out  The Charlotte Wedding Invitations. These wedding invitations have an off-white center rectangle; this is where the text of the invitation will go. There is a bulky border (takes up about half of the invitation – which is bright white with green leaves of different shades. This is a fun and modern wedding invitation!

Francis Wedding Invitations

The Francis Wedding Invitation is another bold choice for the white and green color scheme. However, this is also a great wedding invitation for tropical weddings, destination weddings, or Summer weddings, as this design prominently features two large palm trees on the left side of the invitation. So if you are looking for palm tree wedding invitations, this is the one you have been searching for!

Modern Wedding Invitations Featuring Greenery

Using greenery instead of flowers is a very modern stationery trend. If you are interested in this, we offer several beautiful but different choices. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Victoria Wedding Invitations – These modern elegant wedding invitations have a 2/3 circle of greenery surrounding the couple's names. If you order additional stationery like detail cards or RSVP cards, they are also delicately decorated with foliage.
  • Angelica Wedding Invitations – These are monogram wedding invitations with the first letter of each name near the top of the invitation. Although there is a modern touch with a light scattering of greenery, these are close to classic formal wedding invitations in style.
  • Samantha Wedding Invitations – This is a good invitation that straddles the line between modern and traditional. The way the text is designed is modern, and the greenery on the top and bottom of the invitation, which creates a faux border, is both modern and traditional.
  • Marina Wedding Invitation – This invitation is very modern, and the greenery almost takes over the entire invitation. It also uses a lot of modern metallic geometric shapes in the design.
  • Alice Wedding Invitations – Finally, we come to the Alice wedding invitation. The center is a white hexagon traced in gold. It is surrounded by distinct greenery. The rest of the invitation is white or muted shades of green.

Where to Shop

You will find us if you search stationery stores near me and live in the Hobe Sound, Florida area! Otherwise, you can head to our website to see all our designs!

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Image by Jorge Méndez from Pixabay

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