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When to send invitations for a may wedding?

When to send invitations for a may wedding?

May 23rd 2024

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet challenging task, especially when it comes to scheduling and sending out wedding and reception invitations. Timing is crucial in ensuring your guests have ample time to RSVP and make arrangements to attend your special day. If you're planning a May wedding, you might be wondering when the best time is to send out your invitations. This article will guide you through the process, helping you determine the perfect timing for your wedding and reception invitations.

Understanding Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The first step in determining when to send out your wedding invitations is understanding the traditional etiquette surrounding this task. Typically, it's recommended that wedding invitations are sent six to eight weeks before the event. This gives guests enough time to respond and plan their attendance but isn't so far in advance that they might forget about it.

However, if many of your guests are coming from out of town or if your wedding falls on a popular date (like a holiday weekend), you may want to send out save-the-date cards even earlier. These can go out as early as six months before the big day.

For a May wedding, considering these guidelines, you should ideally be sending out your invites by mid-March at the latest.

Importance of RSVP Deadlines

When planning when to send out your wedding and reception invitations, it's also important to consider when you'll need responses from your guests. Your caterer or venue will likely need a final headcount at least two weeks before the event, so set an RSVP deadline accordingly.

To give yourself some leeway for late responders or unexpected changes, consider setting an RSVP deadline three weeks before your May wedding. This means that if you're sending invites eight weeks prior, they should include an RSVP request for five weeks before the event.

Factors Influencing Your Invitation Timeline

While these guidelines provide a good starting point, there are several factors that could influence when you should send out your wedding and reception invitations.

1. Destination Wedding: If you're planning a destination wedding, it's courteous to give your guests more notice to arrange travel and accommodation. In this case, save-the-dates should be sent nine to twelve months in advance, with formal invitations following six months before the event.

2. Custom Invitations: If you're having custom invitations made, factor in the design and printing time. Some stationers may require several weeks or even months to complete your order.

3. Guest List Size: If you have a large guest list, it might take longer to address and mail all of your invitations. Make sure to account for this extra time when planning your invitation timeline.

4. Holidays: If your May wedding is near a major holiday like Easter, consider sending out your invites a bit earlier as people tend to make holiday plans well in advance.


Planning a May wedding involves juggling many tasks, but with careful planning and organization, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. When it comes to sending out your wedding and reception invitations, remember that timing is key. Give your guests enough notice to RSVP and make arrangements without sending them so early they might forget about the event.

By understanding traditional etiquette, considering RSVP deadlines, and taking into account any unique factors of your wedding, you can determine the perfect time to send out invites for your May wedding. Happy planning!

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